Older Work

Ame for harp and electronics.

A semi-devised written with and for Fontane Liang in 2007.

This piece is performed with the harp in the middle of a row four speakers.

Evdokia is a notated piece for solo piano.

Named for pianist Evdokia Ioannou, it traces geometric shapes in aural space/time.

Underground is a notated work for eighteen wind and brass.

Written for the City of London Festival 2006.

The String Quartet in two movements was written in 2005.

The extract is the whole of the second movement.

Triptych was devised in 2008 with the Contrast Trio.

The performing structure is very flexible allowing for freedom of interpretation in performance.

Written for saxophone, piano and violin.

Heliocentricity was a installation piece written in 2004.

The piece is six minutes long, but loops indefinitely.

The piece was originally part of a joint installation of the same name with fine artist Brian D Haddock.