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I have been composing music for film for over a decade. Interweaving experimental soundscapes with melodic memories, patterns of driving rhythm mix with ethereal sound, my bespoke award-winning scores have been used for everything from fast-paced drama, to eye-opening documentaries, from pulsing adverts to atmospheric fashion shorts.


Alongside composing music, I also mix dialogue, create soundscapes, record ADR and master film audio.

Audio Cleaning and Recovery

I also specialise in audio recovery, cleaning and editing. Not everything can be cleaned, but a surprising amount can. If you have audio that needs to be fixed, get in contact and I can see if I can help – all files sent are handled in the strictest confidence.

Location Audio recording

For smaller projects I also record location audio. I own professional equipment that I’m experienced in using in a wide range of filming situations. In my opinion, friendliness, flexibility and reliability are the secret tricks to getting great location audio.

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 Funambulist’s Dream: Sound design and composition – a multi-award winning (including l’Hombres Videopoetry Award for best music) mini-documentary exploring the life and philosophy of master funambulist (tightrope walker) Andrea Loreni. (11mins – dir. Makkina)

NIKE – CR7 Chapter 3: Discovery: Music composition and sound design – for this advert starring Cristiano Ronaldo for Nike – the film captures the dynamism of youthful Ronaldo as he transitioned from a teenage prodigy to a global superstar. (3mins – dir. Makkina, prod. Panottica)

TripSpace 5th Anniversary: composition – a celebration of Tripspace’s fifth anniversary. Here the composition reflects the joy and energy of this beautiful dance / yoga studio in London. (1min – dir. Tere Ojuja)

Linea Retta: Composition and sound / dialogue editing – award-winning documentary on the Art du Deplecement and Parkour and its founder Laurent Piemontesi. The music and sound capture the flow and vitality of this stunning artform. (30mins – dir. Makkina

Spirit Animal: Composition and sound / dialogue editing – a series of documentaries following the lives of nomadic peoples across the world and their relationships to their animals. This clip is from Where Men and Eagles live Together (2019), set in the sweeping vistas of Mongolia. (35mins – dir. Makkina – prod. Tânia Neves)

Allegoria: Composition and sound design for this award-winning fashion film. All sounds are created from a few notes of the organ shown in the film. (6mins – dir. Makkina – Stylist: Daniela Corcio, starring Caterin Valdivieso)